Spain: Catalan Parliament approves Puigdemont's 'right' to leadership

The Catalan Parliament in Barcelona approved two resolutions on Wednesday demanding freedom for imprisoned deputies and affirming the right for imprisoned former Catalan President Carles Puigdemont, imprisoned former Catalan National Assembly president Jordi Sanchez and imprisoned former counsellor Jordi Turull to be invested as presidents of the Generalitat. The first resolution called for the... Еще immediate freedom of all imprisoned deputies and a guarantee of their political rights. The second resolution called on fulfilling a United Nations Human Rights Committee requirement for Spain to guarantee Sanchez's political rights. The Parliament gathered in an extraordinary plenary session. The pro-independence parliamentary bloc has unitarily defended the legitimacy of investing the three imprisoned Together for Catalonia (Junts per Catalunya) deputies who until now have been candidates for the Presidency of the Generalitat. On Friday, the Spanish Supreme Court ruled that 25 Catalan secessionist politicians should be tried for sedition. Five Catalan politicians were jailed without bail. Puigdemont was arrested by German police en route to Belgium on Sunday where he had been living in self-imposed exile. He was detained pending extradition to Spain where he is wanted for sedition, rebellion and misuse of public funds.

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