Spain: Catalan leaders react to Parliament vote postponement

Catalan political party leaders gave their opinion in Barcelona on Tuesday about Catalan parliament president Roger Torrent’s decision to postpone the vote for a new regional president earlier in the day. Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya (ERC) was satisfied with the decision. ERC member Sergi Sabria said that “this is the best decision to have an effective investiture” that “should allow us to... Еще have a government and to end 155 Article.» Junts per Catalunya (JxCat) and CUP opposed it. “We already fulfill the guarantees to celebrate the plenary session. The 68 votes needed to swear in Puigdemont are here today and are here this afternoon,» said JxCat member Elsa Artadi. Unionist parties like PSC and Catalunya en Comu are said to be generally happy about the postponement. “We think it is prudent and a good symptom,"affirmed PSC leader Miquel Iceta. Ciutadans continued to reject Puigdemont as candidate. “A person who is a fugitive of justice and who is not even in Catalonia cannot be President of the Generalitat,» insisted Ciutadans leader Ines Arrimadas.

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