Spain: Catalan independence supporters commandeer Barcelona highway

Some 200 protesters blocked the B-23 highway near the city of Sant Just Desvern, around 10 kilometers (6 miles) from Barcelona on Wednesday, as part of a region-wide strike calling for the release of jailed Catalan leaders. The protests started at 06:00am in the morning, with people chanting, holding banners and waving Estalada flags. «We demand the freedom of Catalan political prisoners and that... Еще the Spanish government withdraw article 155,» said Barcelona resident Sonia San Jose. Protesters said that they took control of the road because they 'cannot allow acting normally as if nothing happened' adding that 'we have half a Catalan government and the two representatives of the most important social institutions in the prison.' Police watched over the demonstration and later opened up the road. The general strike was called after Spain voted to approve Article 155 of the Constitution and impose direct rule on Catalonia.

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