Spain: Catalan election turnout exceeds 68% at final update before polls close

The Spanish Interior Ministry Technical Secretary General Juan Antonio Puigserver shared the last official updates from the data centre regarding the ongoing snap Catalan regional election, announcing a 68.32 percent of participation, on Thursday. Puigserver said that the participation increased significantly compared to 2015 Catalan elections, “Once again, I want to repeat the data, first of all... Еще the total participation in Catalonia up until 6pm is 68.32 percent as compared to 63.12percent of 2015, so there is a difference of 5.2percent points.» The election was called by Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy on 27 October 2017, when the Spanish government fired the Catalan leaders and dissolved the parliament that staged a unilateral referendum on separating from Spain and voted to establish an independent republic.

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