Spain: Catalan doctors launch four-day strike over working conditions

Hundreds of doctors rallied in Barcelona on Tuesday as they lauched a four-day strike demanding better working conditions. Protesters gathered outside the Catalan Health Institute blocking two of the city's major streets. Organisers say they were forced to begin the strike to make their grievances heard. «They are ignoring us. They are behaving as nothing happens here and the professionals are tired», said Joan Herreros, one of doctors on strike. Isabel, a family doctor, said medics were having troubles dealing with patients with serious pathologies as they were required to focus only on COVID-19. «There are a lot of old people who are being left aside. There are a lot of young people with serious pathology who can't be attended to. The fact that we can't do the early diagnostics because we have to focus on COVID, this isn't well organised,» she said.

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