Spain: Bull’s horns set ablaze in festival animal rights activists want banned

Dramatic footage filmed in the small town of Spanish town of Medinaceli on Sunday shows a distressed bull being tied down and having its horns set on fire in a traditional Spanish festival dating back at least 400 years. The animal can be seen with its horns fixed to metal braces and running in panic and wincing in pain as crowds cheered from the stands. After setting the horns alight using fuel... Еще, the bull is usually set loose and runs around an arena until the flames are extinguished, what takes around an hour. The tradition is called both 'Toro Embolado' [bull with balls] and 'Toro Jubilo' [Bull disposal, or retirment] in Spanish, and is believed to date back to the 16th century. A number of animal rights groups, such as 'Coordinator for the Abolition of the Correbous' and 'Tots Som Poble' ('We Are the People') have reportedly been advocating for the abolition of the festival, calling it cruel and barbaric.

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