Spain: Botched painting restoration brings back memories of 'Potato Jesus'

One of the famous «Immaculate Conception» paintings by Esteban Murillo has gone viral after a disastrous restoration, as seen in footage from Tuesday in Valencia. The owner of the painting hired a furniture restorer to clean up the painting worth 1,200 euros, according to local sources. After a first restoration looked very different from the original painting, the private collector gave him a second chance. «This second time the painting that he gave us back was even worse, it was not really a restoration work but rather a repainting, a repainting that does not even match the original appearance of the painting,» said this private collector while showing the final painting after this second restoration process. The incident reminded many of the restoration of Borja's 'Ecce Homo’, which was restored by art enthusiast Cecilia Gimenez, resulting in an image known online as «Potato Jesus», which went viral due to the funny aspect of the final result compared to the original painting.

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