Spain: Board of Catalan parliament summoned to Supreme Court in Madrid

Board members of the Catalan parliament convened in Barcelona on Wednesday after receiving a subpoena to go to the Supreme Court in Madrid the following morning. Lawyer of Catalan parliament speaker Carme Forcadell and other members of the former Catalan government Andreu van den Eynde explained how on Wednesday morning two Catalan police members entered the parliament to hand in the subpoena to... Еще the Catalan parliament Board members. Van den Eynde confirmed that the Board will attend the appointment and added, «we are sure that the Board of the Parliament always defended the legality and the democracy.» Regarding the current location in Belgium of certain former Catalan government members — also summoned to court on Thursday — he pointed out that «there is no risk of getaway when someone is within the European Union.» Joan Josep Nuet, member of the Catalonia yes we can party (Catalunya Si que es Pot) and of the Board of the Catalan Parliament, confirmed that he and the rest of the Board would attend court, saying they would do so to «defend ourselves,» and stating that what they have done «should never lead anyone of us to prison.» The Spanish High Court is pressing charges of rebellion and sedition against Puigdemont and 13 other members of his administration.

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