Spain: BMW aims for self-driving cars by 2021

BMW presented a level five autonomous driving car at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Monday. BMW is at the Mobile World Congress showcasing some of the new technologies that will be coming to its vehicles. Some will soon be available, like the Digital Key, which will allow smartphones to lock and unlock cars and start the engine. However, a more futuristic idea is the level five... Еще autonomous car which will allow drivers to take a back seat as the car drives itself. However, this technology still has a way to go before being realised. «The level 3 cars will be available in 2021. It will be the 'iNEXT' and we will have a test fleet of level 4 and level 5 for customers as well, available in 2021 based on the 'iNEXT',» explained Levent Ekiz of the BMW Group. «You can be always 'mind-off'. Compared with other levels you have to be, depending on the level, for instance level 3, you can't be mind off», said Ekiz of the technology.

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