Spain: Basques celebrate Easter Sunday with pro-indendence rally

Hundreds of Basque nationalists took to the streets of Pamplona on Sunday, to celebrate the Basque holiday 'Fatherland Day' (Aberri Eguna) and mark the Catholic Easter Sunday. Supporters of Basque independence marched down the streets with banners, flags and traditional Basque music, while shouting slogans for the Basque independence. For Txutxi Ariznabarreta, spokesperson of the... Еще 'Independentistak' group, the Basques shouldn't «get on their knees» and beg the Spanish state for independence, but «open a sovereign process also in the Basque Country, build our democratic and social state and proclaim the Basque republic.» 'Fatherland Day' (Aberri Eguna) is a holiday that coincides with Catholic Easter Sunday and has its roots in the Basque nationalist movement.

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