Spain: Basque residents respond to separatist ETA's apology to victims

tower Residents of Bilbao responded to the apology given by the Basque separatist organisation ETA (Basque Homeland and Liberty) to those they've killed or harmed, Friday. One resident gave his opinion: «To the victims it doesn't matter if ETA dissolves or not. What the victims want is that they pay what they should pay and the murders that weren't solved should be solved. And that people know... Еще what happened.» Another echoed his remarks, stating: «The forgiveness will happen when they clarify the 300 crimes that weren't solved. The words are lost with the wind. We are missing facts, and they must show it.» Between 1968 and 2010, over 800 people are reported to have been killed by the ETA, with thousands more wounded as they aimed to establish an independent Basque state. The group recently apologised to the victims and their families.

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