Spain: Basque parliament votes to deny Catalan independence

The Basque parliament voted against recognising Catalan independence, in the regional capital of Vitoria-Gasteiz on Thursday. «74 people voted, 18 in favour, 28 against, 28 abstentions. So it has not been approved,» announced Bakartxo Tejeria, President of the Basque Parliament. Several Basque separatist movements have come to the fore throughout history, similarly to Catalonia, however, more... Еще recent surges have resulted in terrorism and political violence. «They [Catalans] did not take into account the magnitude of the Spanish reaction and brutality. They did not measure it. Maybe in the Basque Country we are more familiar with it. We know what they mean when they are willing to do 'anything',» explained Maddalen Iriarte, the EH Bildu spokesperson.

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