Spain: Barcelonans share their opinion on Rajoy, Article 155 and Catalan independence

Residents in Barcelona shared their opinions on the current situation in Catalonia, Saturday, following representatives voting 70:10 in favour of independence from Spain and Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy pushing through a vote on implementing Article 155. «It is a step that the Catalan government had to make in the face of the refusal of the Spanish state to agree to a referendum or to seek a... Еще solution through dialogue,» said Gabriela, who lives in the Catalan capital. Another resident expressed her fear by saying, «We are all nervous and there is a little expectation to see what will happen, to see how long this independence will last.» Student Josep added, «We must give Rajoy a round applause because we all hoped they [regional elections] would be in six months or a year and he's put them on December 21st.» The independence vote came just before the Spanish Senate voted in favour of invoking Article 155. The measure was triggered by Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy on Saturday and will allow Madrid to establish de facto rule over Catalonia.

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