Spain: Barcelonans hopeful in light of Catalan independence declaration

Catalans expressed a mixture of joy and hope following their legislators’ vote in favour of independence from Spain, on the streets of Barcelona on Friday. Resident Carol Ayala said, «It's fantastic. I think this is what had to be done, especially after all the latest events. I think what comes next will be very complicated.» Another resident, Pau, commented, «I'm very happy for it because... Еще Spain has not reasoned, has not given any opportunities for dialogue. And well, I think that any solution now has to involve an independent Catalonia.» Josep Rovira added, «We are full of hope. We hope the republic won’t be only a fact but also something recognised worldwide. This is what Catalans want, to be recognised as sovereign people.» The independence vote came just before the Spanish national Senate voted in favour of invoking Article 155. The measure was activated by Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy on Saturday, and will allow Madrid to establish de facto direct rule over Catalonia.

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