Spain: Barcelona witness and anthropologist discusses IS and radicalisation

Cognitive anthropologist Scott Atran recounted what happened in the aftermath of Thursday's terrorist attack in Barcelona, and discussed the tactics self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS, ISIL) use to recruit new members, Saturday. Atran, who has studied and written about terrorism and violence, said he found it «strange» that he found no questions in the media about «why this could... Еще ever happen,» other than people were «pretty sure it would happen.» He went on to say that having worked with Jihadi networks across Europe, he thought the attack had most likely been carried out by «a broad Moroccan network.» In terms of the terrorist organisation recruiting people to carry out terrorist attacks on Western soil, Atran said «ISIS in the beginning would say to people don’t carry out attacks unless you can’t come here, if you can come here use any means, any way you can, including vehicles, anywhere to do anything. But if you can come, let us train you, then you’ll go back and we’ll instruct you on how to do operations.» A van mowed down people in Las Rampas, central Barcelona, on Thursday. The police are treating it as a terrorist attack, and have reported that the incident has already claimed the lives of 13 people.
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