Spain: Barcelona residents react to enactment of Article 155

Barcelona residents reacted to the Spanish government's decision to trigger Article 155 of the constitution and to thereby block Catalonia's autonomy, on Saturday. While some Barcelonans agreed with Madrid's decision, others firmly condemned it, vowing to continue their fight for Catalan independence. Local resident Joan said that Catalonians have been «oppressed» for too long and that while... Еще it is a «huge injustice, at the same time it won't stop our aspirations.» Bercelonan Mariona agreed with Joan that Madrid's decision was wrong and said that she will «try to disobey» the government. «We won't enter any conflict, we are not aggressive. They are aggressive», she said. Passerby Maxi disagreed however and said that she was «not surprised by what is happening» since declaring independence was «already completely unlawful.» Independence supporters organised a rally in Barcelona on Saturday, in support of two imprisoned Catalan leading civil society figures. The demonstration is expected to also protest Madrid's decision over Article 155.

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