Spain: Barcelona residents divided by Puigdemont's plea for more time

Barcelona residents reacted to Catalan President Carles Puigdemont’s decision to further suspend the declaration of independence, Monday. Local residents were divided by Puigdemont’s response, with one passerby stating that the suspension was a means to gain time, whilst another believed that “there will be chaos in Catalonia” because Puigdemont does not know “where he is going”. Another... Еще passerby, named Laura, said that the time is long overdue for a decision to be made on Catalonia's legitimacy as a state. «Enough ambiguity, enough victimisation on the part of the Catalan state and enough of threats and repression by the Spanish state», she said. On Monday morning, Puigdemont asked the Spanish government for a two-month long negotiation period. The government responded with an ultimatum that gives him until next Thursday to declare an official stand on independence.

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