Spain: Barcelona rallies outside Spanish government building for seventh day of protests

Barcelona residents rallied outside the Spanish government's delegation building in the Catalan capital on Sunday, for the seventh day of protests decrying Madrid's sentencing of pro-independence leaders. Large crowds were seen attending the rally waving Catalan flags and chanting slogans for independence. A large pile of rubbish was also dumped outside the Spanish government building as part of... Еще the protest organised by the group 'Picnic for the Republic' to reportedly demonstrate 'what a garbage dump the Spanish state has turned into.' «The Spanish press is a weaver and manipulates what is going on in Catalonia. People are not violent, they want a legal referendum; we want to leave this corrupt and weaver (manipulative) country,» Jordi, a Barcelona resident, said at the rally. Protests and civil unrest has rocked Catalonia since the Spanish Supreme Court sentenced nine pro-independence leaders to up to 13 years in prison for their role in the region's 2017 bid for secession. According to Catalan media, at least 579 people have been injured since the protests began.

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