Spain: Barcelona protesters decry imprisonment of Catalan officials and activists

Protesters took to University Square, in Barcelona, Sunday, to decry the imprisonment of Catalan officials and activists, and eight members of the former Catalan government. Representatives from the Catalan National Assembly (ANC) and Omnium Cultural addressed the protesters and stressed the importance of the upcoming week. «This week we will have a series of actions, some very simple, that... Еще everyone can carry out and some others that will require a big structure and big mobilization. We want to highlight above all the general strike of the country this Wednesday,» said Agusti Alcoberro, the vice president of ANC. According to him, the elections of December 21 called by the Spanish government in Madrid «are illegitimate, first because they weren't called by the person who should have done it, that would be the president of Catalonia. And second, because they don't comply with the minimum conditions, first we have political prisoners and it isn't normal to have elections with prisoners and second there is an extraordinary police presence,» adding that «all the partisans for the Republic will take the issue and will make these elections into a big success, a big victory of the separatism.» During the protest, there were also workshops on how to create and hang banners around the city to express political views. Protesters put up banners on walls and subway entrances.

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