Spain: Article 155 is 'beginning of the end' of disobedience — Dept. PM

Spanish Deputy Prime Minister Soraya Saenz de Santamaria defended the use of Article 155 of the Spanish constitution in a speech addressed to the commission of the Spanish Senate, in Madrid on Thursday. Saenz accused the Catalan government of exercising “political irresponsibility” and of sowing divisions in Catalan society, as well as “knocking down the best Catalonia in history.” Saenz called... Еще on the Senate to “rescue this Catalonia,” before enumerating the four main goals of the proposed application: to restore legality, to restore coexistence, to preserve economic recovery, and to convene elections. Saenz defined Article 155 as “not the beginning of a new form of political centralism,” rather as “the beginning of the end of a reiterated disobedience against the law.” Defining secessionists’ beliefs as a “trip to nowhere,” Saenz concluded her speech with calling on Catalonians to return to a feeling of being “united between themselves, and after that with all Spaniards.”

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