Spain: Archaeologists discover «unprecedented» animal sacrifice site in Guarena

A team of researchers from the National Research Council of Spain revealed that 'El Turunuelo' archaeological site in Guarena, discovered in 2014, was used for animal ritual sacrifice, Thursday. Sebastian Celestino, director of the Institute of Archaeology in Merida, Spain, said that the discovery was 'unprecedented' and sacrifices of this kind were 'unheard of in this period, throughout the... Еще Mediterranean.' «We have spent a year excavating a hecatomb, a large structure which was used to carry out ritual animal sacrifice. They have found twenty-two sacrificed horses, three cows, there are also two pigs and two sheep,» explained Celestino. «This is a unique site.» The site was built by the Tartessians, a 2,500 year old civilisation which stretched across parts of southern and eastern Spain. Excavations at 'El Turunuelo' have been ongoing since 2015.

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