Spain: Antifa march against 'genocidal' Hispanic Day in Barcelona

Anti-fascist activists marched through Barcelona on Friday, Hispanic Heritage Day, to protest against what they consider to be a celebration of the 'extreme right and fascism' by the Spanish State. The protesters exhibited numerous antifa flags, along with some Catalan ones, while marching through the city. One of the protesters remarked that celebrating Hispanic Heritage Day, «is celebrating... Еще the anniversary of what went on to become a genocide, a colonisation, which is the arrival of the Spanish Empire in Latin America.» He went on to say that the term 'Hispanicity' «also reaches out to include the extreme right and fascism from this Spanish state.» Spanish right-wing activists also held a rally, where they were filmed doing the fascist salute and burning Catalan independence flags. ‘La Dia de la Hispanidad’, or Hispanic Day, commemorates Christopher Columbus’ arrival in the Americas and also honours Spain's armed forces. The Fiesta Nacional de Espana is also Spain’s national holiday.

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