Spain: Antifa denounce Hispanic Heritage Day with march in Barcelona

Hundreds of anti-fascist activists took to the streets of Barcelona on Saturday, Hispanic Heritage Day, to denounce what they consider to be a celebration of the 'extreme right and fascism' by the Spanish State. The protesters exhibited numerous antifa flags, along with some Catalan ones, while marching through the city. «October 12 is the celebration of genocide and an exaltation of the Spanish... Еще race and we as antifascists come out to the streets to denounce all this,» said one protester. «The very same discourse of national pride and Hispanity is the one that endorses the national oppression nowadays of the different people within the Spanish state. It also shows the oppression not just in national terms but also on the whole working class,» said another protester. 'La Dia de la Hispanidad', or Hispanic Day, commemorates Christopher Columbus’ arrival in the Americas and also honours Spain's armed forces. The Fiesta Nacional de Espana is also Spain’s national holiday.

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