Spain: Anti-transgender protesters don IS hostage jumpsuits in rally against gender equality bill

Hooded and chained members of the anti-transgender organisation 'HazteOir' ('Make Yourself Heard') staged a demonstration outside the Congress of Deputies of Spain in Madrid, Tuesday. The protest comes as Spanish politicians prepare to vote on a law proposal presented by left-wing party Unidos Podemos against sexual orientation discrimination and for LGBTI [Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender... Еще and intersexual] equality. Anti-transgender protesters dressed in orange jumpsuits and black hoods associated with hostages taken by the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), along with chained hands and signs around their necks. Some of the signs denounced what they believe would happen to professional categories if the bill, also dubbed as 'gag law', would become a law, such as «Doctor — Fired for carrying out a treatment opposing to the LGTB gag law» and «Hostel runner — [The] restaurant [was] closed for not serving a LGBT bachelor party.» President of Hazte Oir president Ignacio Arsuaga said the bill «encourages children in schools to question their sexuality [...] and that prevents parents from exercising parental authority.» Meanwhile, a bus owned by 'HazteOir' took to the streets with a banner reading «Boys have a penis, girls have a vulva,» and urging people to «not be fooled.» Last month, the group flew anti-transgender slogans through the skies on banners attached to planes.

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