Spain: Anti-transgender group fly their message over popular holiday destinations

Anti-transgender organisation Make Yourself Heard launched its newest campaign, in Casarrubios, on Tuesday, carrying anti-transgender slogans through the skies on banners attached to planes. The planes will soar over popular holiday destinations, reading slogans such as «LGBTI Gag Law. They go for your children.» President of Make Yourself Heard Ignacio Arsuaga said that the plane is intended... Еще to «raise Spaniards' awareness about the totalitarian law introduced by Podemos, the gag law.» The law to which they are referring is one that would see Spanish children be taught about transgender issues in schools. «We just want to mobilise Spanish citizens to protect that right supported by the Spanish Constitution: parents' freedom to educate our children in agreement with our principles», Arsuaga said. They are scheduled to fly for two weeks in the middle of August, and will cost between €15,000 ($17,724) and €22,000 ($25,995). Make Yourself Heard's aerial advertising campaign follows a similar scheme they carried out in February, where a bus travelled around Spain with an anti-transgender message written on its sides. Madrid banned the shuttle bus, and soon after, Spanish authorities demanded it was pulled off the streets.

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