Spain: Anti-independence protesters push journalists away in Sabadell

Protesters pushed journalists away from an anti-Catalan independence demonstration on Friday evening in front of Sabadell's city hall. The police had to escort and protect journalists while protesters accused them of working for Catalan channel TV3. A journalist from ANC [Catalan News Agency] Norma Vidal explained that protesters «started scolding us, asking from which media we were. We said we... Еще were from a news agency, but they didn't believe us. They thought we were from TV3 and started screaming, pushing and the local police have taken us out from one side of the city hall where they made a small cordon to protect us.» Hundreds of people gathered to protest against Catalan independence and requested Sabadell's city hall to put back the Spanish flag on the building's facade. Member of Ciutadans Carlos Carrizosa spoke out, saying, «The flag, which represents us all, is a legal and constitutional symbol and a symbol of identity for all the people who are here today, as it is the flag of Catalonia and the flag of Europe.» The Spanish flag was removed from the city hall on October 27, after the Catalan Parliament announced the Unilateral Declaration of Independence.

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