Spain: Anti-independence collective Tabarnia in pro-monarchy protest

Members of Tabarnia, a satirical anti-Catalan independence movement, gathered in Barcelona on Sunday to display their support for King Felipe VI of Spain amid the monarch's visit to the Catalan capital. Alvaro de Marichalar, an aristocrat and former brother-in-law of Infanta Elena of Spain, was among participants. He defended the monarchy saying, «He is our king, he is the Count of Barcelona... Еще, Duke of Montblanc, and he is the Prince of Girona. He is the whole Catalan history personified on the monarchy.» Tabarnia platform was created by 'Barcelona is not Catalonia' collective, as a parody of the Catalan independence movement. The name is composed as a portmanteau of Tarragona and Barcelona, areas in which independence movement is less popular, and Narnia, for its fictitious character. The group has been very present on social media and in local outlets. They even created a flag for the imaginary territory and became a worldwide trending topic in December.

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