Spain: Anti-independence Catalan MPs storm out of parliament ahead of vote

Several Members of Parliament who oppose Catalan independence left the parliamentary chamber in Barcelona ahead of a vote on the declaration of independence, Friday. «These elections have to stop the Brexit which Puigdemont is leading us to,» said Carlos Carrizosa, Spokesperson of Ciudadanos in the Catalan Parliament. «This document you have written breaks the holiest thing for people in... Еще Catalonia, it breaks the co-existence, it deprives them of their citizenship.» Many of MPs left Spanish and Catalan flags on their pews in their absence. The vote went ahead and saw 70 representatives voted in favour, with ten against and two abstinences, while Catalan President Carles Puigdemont cast the final of the 82 votes before the Speaker Carme Forcadell declared the result. It follows the Spanish central government's plans to invoke Article 155 which would impose direct rule by Madrid over Catalonia.

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