Spain: Andalusian protesters demand greater sovereignty at rally in Malaga

Hundreds of protesters took to the streets of Malaga, Sunday, calling for the autonomous community of Andalusia to be given greater sovereignty by the Spanish state. People carried a huge Andalusia Estelada flag through the streets, followed by a parade of demonstrators holding a banner reading «Andalusia: sovereignty to build our future» and hundreds of Andalusian Workers Union flags. «We... Еще are here to claim sovereignty, because Andalusia is a nation without sovereignty,» said Juan Manuel Sanchez Gordillo, Mayor of Marinaleda and spokesperson of the Trade Union of Fieldworkers. «We don't fight for independence. We just want the Andalusian people to have their place and their work,» explained Miguel Garcia, a demonstrator. The march, which was called by the left-wing political coalition of the United Left (IU) and promoted by the Andalusian Workers Union (SAT) and 30 social groups, marked the 40th anniversary of mobilisations for Andalusian sovereignty. Protesters also commemorated the murder of Manuel Garcia Caparros, an 18-year-old shot and killed by police on December 4, 1977 during a demonstration for Andalusia's independence.

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