Spain: ANC demands 'legitimate government' as separatists retain majority

Catalan National Assembly (ANC) Vice President Augusti Alcoberro demanded the restitution of the 'legitimate government' of Catalonia, as scores witnessed a televised counting of the Catalan election votes in Barcelona on Thursday. «In short, the victory of the citizenship over the coup d'etat against our republic has been shown. That is why we now demand the restitution of the legitimate... Еще government immediately and demand the freedom of the prisoners,» said ANC Vice President Augusti Alcoberro. With nearly all the votes counted, the party of former Catalan President Carles Puigdemont Junts per Catalunya and other separatist parties look likely to achieve the necessary number of seats to form a coalition. Catalan nationalists will face opposition from Ciutadans, who look set to become the largest party in the next parliament and stand for staying part of the Spanish state as a semi-autonomous region. Regional elections were called by the Spanish government after it brought Catalonia under direct rule by triggering Article 155 of the constitution. This move was in response to a unilateral declaration of independence by the Catalan parliament based on the results of the disputed independence referendum of October 1. Tonight's election is expected to determine the course of the secession crisis.

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