Spain: Alternative «referendum» in Madrid asks residents if they «want Catalonia to remain part of Spain»

A symbolic referendum, organised by Catholic group Hazte Oir (Make yourself heard), was held in Madrid on Friday, giving residents the opportunity to «vote» on whether they want «Catalonia to remain part of Spain». «After the illegal referendum called by Puigdemont and the secessionists, we wanted to organize a symbolic act in favour of the unity of Spain», Hazte Oir President Ignacio Arsuaga... Еще said. People were given ballot papers reading «Do you want Catalonia to remain part of Spain?» which were then placed in a ballot box. The result is not yet known. The Spanish government, who are strongly opposed to the Catalan referendum, appealed to the Constitutional Court which in turn suspended the vote in early September, although it still looks set to go ahead on Sunday 1 October. Hazte Oir caused controversy in March this year when it planned to take a bus emblazoned with an anti-transgender message on a national tour of the country. The bus was seized by the Spanish authorities.

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