Spain: Alternative IWD demo in Madrid denounces 'manipulations of supremacist feminism'

Hundreds of demonstrators, including families with children, gathered on Saturday in Madrid's Plaza Chamberi, organised by the 'Women of The World Platform' to denounce «manipulations of supremacist feminism and gender ideology.» The demonstration organised by the group, which has links to the ultra-Catholic organisation HazteOir, was held one day before International Women's Day, a day upon... Еще which thousands of women demonstrate for their rights around the world. The images show protesters carrying posters that read: «I am a woman, I don't need to be a feminist», «Hating men does not defend women» and «Men are our partners and allies, not our enemies,» among others. According to Leonor Tamayo, President of the 'Women of The World' platform, the demonstration has the objective of «vindicating and reaffirming our freedom, the freedom to organise our family as we wish, [the freedom] to organise our marriage, our couple as we wish, the freedom to have children as we wish and to educate them as we wish, without accepting ideological intrusions or impositions, so that women are no longer the jokers of ideological imposition.

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