Spain: 'A Turkey-like democracy’ — Otegi takes aim at Madrid’s anti-Catalan independence measures

Secretary-General f the Basque Socialist Party 'Sortu' of Arnaldo Otegi Mondragon condemned the Spanish government's measures against Catalan independence during a press briefing in Bilbao on Friday. According to Otegi, «the imprisoned representatives of the Catalan government and the social activists Jordi Sanchez and Jordi Cuixart, are political prisoners.» «Let's say it clearly at the... Еще Spanish State that a Turkish-like democracy has been initiated and is here to stay» he specified, comparing the practices of the Spanish government with the practices of the Turkish government. Saturday November 4, a big demonstration is scheduled in Bilbao, the largest city of the Basque Country, an area that also claims its right to independence from Spain.

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