Spain: «A desperate man» — PPC leader lambasts Puigdemont’s decision to flee to Brussels

President of the Catalan Popular Party (PPC) Xavier Garcia Albiol, commented on the decision by former President of Generalitat of Catalonia Carles Puigdemont to flee to Brussels, at a press conference in Barcelona, Tuesday. Albiol said that Puigdemont «has shown that he is a desperate man» and that «he is insulting us when he says that he can't come back to Catalonia because it would pose a... Еще danger for his physical safety.» The PPC leader argued that «it's clear that it is impossible to get him a political asylum because there are no conditions to request it. He is not persecuted in his country because of his ideas or due to some political reasons. Mr Puigdemont is prosecuted because he attempted a coup d'etat.» Spain's government has taken direct control of Catalonia and fired leading Catalan officials, following the region's banned independence referendum and unilateral declaration of independence. Earlier in the day, Puigdemont said that he had not travelled to Belgium to seek asylum but wanted to be able to speak freely. Puigdemont's declarations took place a day after Spain's leading prosecutor charged the former Catalan government and select parliament members with various charges including sedition and rebellion.


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