Soviet-era cosmonaut rescue vehicle lovingly restored to former glory

A Soviet-era Zil PEU-1B cosmonaut search and rescue vehicle has been lovingly restored to its former glory over three years, as shown in footage shot on the territory of the old Zil factory in Moscow on Thursday. «This vehicle actually took part in missions to recover re-entry capsules as part of a military unit, after which it was returned to Zil,» Head Restoration Specialist Vladimir Kharinov... Еще said. Built in 1979, the 180hp amphibious vehicle was also light and small enough to be transported by helicopter. «As far as I know, this is currently the only vehicle of this series that works,» Kharinov said. The PEU-1B is now likely to be displayed in an automotive museum, however, the specific museum is yet to be confirmed.

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