South Ossetia: Witness to South Ossetia Conflict recalls horrors of war

Eteri Arsenidze, a resident of Khetagurovo in Tskhinvali District, recalled the tragic events of the 2008 conflict in South Ossetia on Tuesday. Despite the fact that she is of Georgian origin, Eteri found herself in captivity. She described what it was like to be a Georgian force's captive. «He put a knife to my throat. He said that he must kill me. But God helped me,» she said. Because of... Еще the shelling people tried to survive staying in basements. Her own house was heavily damaged. The conflict in South Ossetia erupted on the night of August 7-8, 2008, as Georgia launched an intensive air campaign against Tskhinvali. The attack left casualties among Russian peacekeepers and Ossetian militia defending the territory captured by Georgian forces. In response, Russia deployed units of the Russian 58th Army and Russian airborne troops and four days of fighting ensued leaving up to 1,000 civilians dead with the heaviest fighting taking place in Tskhinvali. The five-day conflict came to an end August 12, 2008, when both sides agreed to a preliminary ceasefire.

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