South Korea: Wreck hunters discuss sunken Russian 'treasure ship'

South Korean company Shinil Group held a press conference in Seoul on Wednesday about the discovery of the sunken Russian armoured warship, the Dmitri Donskoi, which was lost in 1905 and was rumoured to harbour $130 billion worth of gold. Start-up business Shinil Group has since retracted their claim of the treasures, saying that they are unable to confirm the figure. The Financial... Еще Supervisory Service has now opened an investigation into the news, looking into the possible spreading of misinformation after the Shinil Group's claim caused a flurry of excitement and a sudden spike in the stock price of Jeil Steel — a company that Shinil’s founder has investments in. The discovery of the ship was announced on the 15th of July. It was found 434 metres beneath the surface of the sea, near Ulleungdo Island. The Dmitri Donskoi fought in the Battle of Tsushima, where 38 Baltic Ships and 89 Japanese ships went to war.

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