South Korea: Visitors remain calm as norovirus outbreak sees military deployed

SOT, Olympic volunteer from the USA 2: «Be prepared when something happens, it’s all that we can really do at this point, we’re already here.» SOT, Olympic volunteer from the USA 1: «Yeah, we're here now.» South Korean military personnel were deployed at the Gangneung Olympic Park, which neighbours Pyeongchang, on Thursday in order to cover for personnel affected by an outbreak of the winter... Еще vomiting bug. Fears and talks of a potential outbreak have reached visitors and volunteers at the Winter Olympics but their spirits remain high in the face of the norovirus. «They said to us if you wash your hands properly and only drink water from a bottle it will be fine, no, I am not afraid,» said Shirley who is visiting from Netherlands. “There is not a whole lot that we can do about it, so we just kind of hope for the best and hope that they are doing as much as they can do to prevent it,” said a volunteer from the US. “We’re already here,” added another. For Tom, a member of the Norwegian delegation, the situation seems under control. “We have a good medical doctor and we take good information on how to prepare and protect from the virus, so we are very prepared.» 900 South Korean military personnel have been deployed to cover the urgent needs of staff and volunteers, who have either been quarantined or laid low due to the virus.

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