South Korea: US Olympic cross ski athletes comment ahead of Winter Games

SOT, journalist: «Do you think you're competing in a fair grounds, that everybody will be in the same situation?» SOT, Kikkan Randall, US cross-ski athlete, veteran: «What's been cool, as an athlete, been able to reach the top over the last decade or so. I have got to know a lot of the people I compete against and I have witnessed first hand it's possible to compete clean. And that's given me... Еще all the confidence in the world that I can be a clean athlete and compete. I think it's important that we're all role models for that and really again, I think that's all we can focus on at this point, there is always a lot of 'what ifs', but I know it's possible to compete clean and that's what I'm focused on.» The US Olympic cross-ski team athletes gave a press-conference at the Main Press Centre in Pyeongchang, Wednesday, where they commented on their spirit ahead of the Winter Olympic Games and their attitude to the recent doping scandals. US cross-ski athlete Erik Bjornsen explained that he was a little bit «disappointed» that Sergei Ustugov was not present, adding «although if he is cheating I don't want him here.» Bjornsen stated that «he [Ustugov] is kind of a hero of mine, he is so strong looking and so crazy, I just can't imagine what he is like in real life.»

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