South Korea: Trump-Kim summit 'dismantled last Cold War legacy on Earth' — S. Korean President

The South Korean presidency of Moon Jae-in commented on the historical North Korea-US summit at a press conference on Tuesday in Seoul. Kim Eui-kyeom, spokesperson of South Korean President, read a note from president Moon Jae-in that thanked US President Donald Trump and North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un: «I highly praise President Trump and Chairman Kim, who did not stay in old familiar present... Еще but chose to step forward to the new change with courage and decision. The history will write Sentosa agreement on June 12th as epochal incident which dismantled the last Cold War legacy on Earth.» In the note, Moon remarked that the peninsula would be looking to move forward, with South Korea standing side by side with the DPRK on the way to achieve peace: «We will write the new history of peace and cooperation, putting behind the dark time of war and conflict. On this road, we will accompany with North Korea. Even though there will be lots of difficulties, we will neither go back again nor give up this journey. History is a record of people who act and challenge.»

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