South Korea: Trump demands Russia, China to «be helpful» on N. Korean front

US President Donald Trump called on China and Russia «to demand that the North Korean regime end its nuclear weapons and its missile programme,» speaking in a joint press conference with South Korean President Moon Jae-In in Seoul, Tuesday. «China is out trying very hard to solve the problem with North Korea, we hope that Russia likewise will be helpful,» Trump said. «We cannot allow North... Еще Korea to threaten all that we have built, «Trump said, before adding that «the United States stands prepared to defend itself and its allies, using the full range of our unmatched military capabilities, if need be.» The US President followed this by saying that «we're making a lot of progress.» «I really believe that it makes sense for North Korea to come to the table and make a deal that is good for the people of North Korea and the people of the world,» Trump concluded. «Through such dialogue I am very confident that we can freeze the nuclear programme ultimately and dismantle the [nuclear] programme of DPKR entirely,» Moon followed. South Korea is the second-stop on the US President's five-nation tour of Asia. Trump is set to visit China tomorrow.
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