South Korea: Topless Tongan reveals secret to winning his heart

Tongan cross-country skier Pita Taufatofua who swooned fans around the world with his shirtless entry into the Olympic Games offered some advice to potential paramours during a press conference in Pyeongchang on Wednesday. The athlete, who became famous for marching shirtless and oiled-up in minus 20 degrees temperatures during the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, told the reporters that... Еще if somebody wanted to marry him, they first have to help Cyclone-devastated Tonga. The Pacific nation was hit by worst cyclone in more than 60 years. Also commenting on his opening ceremony stunt, the athlete expressed that it could never have gone any other way. “I said it before, if my ancestors can sail across the Pacific Ocean for a 1000 years not knowing where the next piece of land is going to be, not knowing when their next meal is going to be, going to war — then I can walk for 25 minutes through an opening ceremony without a shirt on, and represent a thousand years of heritage, because that’s what they wore for a thousand years.” At the end of the media event, the Tongan skier also announced that he could be getting ready to attempt a third sport for his third qualification to the Olympic Games, something that was never done before. He first represented Tonga in the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics in Taekwondo, before making the transition to cross-country skiing.

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