South Korea: 'These are the Olympic medals that we deserve' — Canada's skating stars Virtue and Moir

And that's what we are more proud of, that we had four very strong skates — both in the team event and individual competition — and we capitalised on those moments and took care of our job and the rest is truly out of our hands. I'm not sure it would have mattered much to us, that feeling when the music ended and we looked at each other, that was enough for us and that's why we have been working... Еще so much for such a long time.» Canadian skating partners Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir said that they felt they had received the Olympic medals they «deserve», at a press conference in Pyeongchang on Wednesday, after winning an Olympic gold medal in ice dancing on Tuesday. The victory marks their third career gold medal. Moir highlighted that his country had a history of «very professional» and «fair» judging when it comes to ice skating, which he is proud of. «I feel like as Canadians, when you win in Olympics — it's when you deserve it,» he concluded. His partner Virtue explained that controversy was inevitable in the Olympics, paritcularly with a sport such as ice dancing which is more subjective to judge as different people connect with «different styles of movement». However she affirmed that this «artistry» is what she loves about the sport. The skating star said that what mattered most to the duo was «that feeling when the music ended and we looked at each other. That was enough for us and that's why we have been working so much for such a long time.» Virtue expressed her wish that the emotions the couple portrayed on the ice were able to resonate with viewers. She went on to say that the skating due have been «so invested in our material this year, we love the characters we get to play on the ice, we love our programmes, we love our product.» Vitrue and Moir skated to music from «Moulin Rouge» in an emotional and energetic performance which gained them 206.07 points, pitting them ahead of chief rivals French skaters Gabriella Papadakis and Guillame Cizeron.

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