South Korea: Seoul welcomes US assets to 'neutralise' Pyongyang's nuclear facilities

Chief Presidential Security Adviser Chung Eui-yong said South Korea was ready to discuss with the United States the deployment of the «most powerful strategic assets of the US military» in order to «neutralise North Korea's nuclear facility» when speaking from Seoul, on Sunday, as footage released by Yonhap News Agency shows. Eui-yong reported that South Korean President Moon Jae-in had called... Еще for the «most powerful punitive measures» against North Korea, after Pyongyang conducted a sixth nuclear test earlier in the morning. «We decided to discuss (with the US) about the deploying of the most powerful strategic assets of the US military that enable us to neutralise North Korea's nuclear facility and missiles, and show our strike capabilities”, the spokesperson said as a round up to a National Security Council (NSC) emergency meeting. Eui-yong stated that Seoul «will never tolerate missile and nuclear enhancement of North Korea» and that the country will use «all diplomatic methods» to counter Pyongyang's nuclear provocations «including pushing for a new UN Security Council sanctions.» South Korea's weather agency reported that an artificial earthquake occurred at 12:29 pm local time with a 5.7 magnitude at the site Pyongyang has previously conducted nuclear tests, in Kilju, northern Hamgyong Province. Seoul officials originally said the earthquake had a 5.6 magnitude, but this was later revised. The US Geological Survey stated the quake had a 6.3 magnitude. North Korean state TV later confirmed that it had «successfully» tested a hydrogen bomb which can be loaded onto a missile. North Korea conducted its fifth test last year in September.
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