South Korea: Seoul hold emergency National Security meeting following N. Korean nuclear test

South Korean President Moon Jae-in held a National Security Council (NSC) meeting in Seoul after North Korea conducted a sixth nuclear test, Sunday, as footage released by Yonhap News Agency shows. South Korea's weather agency reported that an artificial earthquake occurred at 12:29 pm local time with a 5.7 magnitudeat the site Pyongyang has previously conducted nuclear tests, in Kilju, northern... Еще Hamgyong Province. Seoul officials revised originally said the earthquake had a 5.6 magnitude, but this was later revised. The US Geological Survey stated the quake had a 6.3 magnitude. North Korean state TV later confirmed that it had «successfully» tested a hydrogen bomb which can be loaded onto a missile. North Korea conducted its fifth test last year in September. No access: South Korea.
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