South Korea: Russian Skiing Fed. Head comments on OAR's Olympic victories

Head of the Russian Cross-Country Skiing Federation Elena Valbe shared her joy over two bronze medals recently won by two Russian cross-country skiers Yulia Belorukova and Alexander Bolshunov at the 2018 Winter Olympics. Valbe spoke in Pyeongchang on Wednesday. The three-time Olympic champion lauded the Russian athletes, noting that «to endure and compete with a clear head after such pressure, I... Еще bow down to these athletes.» She then admitted her desire to «forget as soon as possible» the International Olympic Committee's (IOC) decision that has barred some leading Russian athletes from competing in the Games. Valbe also commented on a recent incident that occurred during the Olympics ski sprint race, when a US coach helped out Russian skier Alexei Vitsenko by giving him a lost pole. She said that all skiers are a «big skiing family» who «always support each other a lot.» The Olympic champion then expressed confidence that «if something similar happened to the US [athletes], any of the Russian coaches would not refuse to help if they could help. I cannot imagine that happening.» Valbe also noted that «many fans want to take pictures with us» and that «any time when we are walking along the promenade, there are people who recognise [us] and even those who do not recognise us but see our Russian uniforms.»

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