South Korea: Paralympian shares emotions after winning GOLD in ski sprint

Paralympic biathlete and cross-country skier from Russia Anna Milenina shared her emotions after winning gold in the women's 1.5 km ski sprint classic style in the standing category, in PyeongChang on Tuesday. «This is a memorable medal and an unexpected one. As some say, it was tactics, but it wasn't,» confessed Milenina, who has become a six-time Paralympic gold medalist. The athlete added... Еще that the preparation of the skiing equipment also played a huge role in her victory. Milenina mentioned that it was uncomfortable to her not to hear the Russian anthem playing at the Games, she even had tears. «I felt a bit sad back then, but know we got used to it. We hope that at home we'll have an enormous support and [a warm] welcome,» concluded the champion.

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