South Korea: 'No guts, no glory' — first US female skater to land triple axel at Olympics

US figure skater Mirai Nagasu talked about becoming the first woman from the US to land a Triple Axel at the Winter Olympics during a press conference in Pyeongchang, Sunday. «I love getting all the messages, I've gotten some date requests, which is like, kind of cool, I guess,» Nagasu said of the response to her success. Nagasu will be competing for an individual medal on Tuesday morning... Еще. «Anything is possible and maybe I will fall, maybe I will land it,» said the figure skater. «No guts, no glory. If I fall I will take that fall, get up and keep going,» she added. Last week the 24-year-old athlete became the first US woman and the third woman in Olympic history to do the jump, lifting Team USA to bronze on the figure skating team competition. The triple axel is a forward-facing jump with three and a half rotations, one of the rarest and toughest feats in figure skating.

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