South Korea: Look who turned up for the Olympic closing ceremony

SOT, Trump impersonator (Englsih) «Well, we're in Korea, I guess you can sit up front. Do they have a kiddie chair up there for you?» SOT, Donal Trump impersonator (English): «Well, I'm going to put a sanction on that. I'm going to sanction, sanction. No way.» SOT, Kim Jong-un impersonator (English): «Oh come on, don't be a hard ass. The Russians are nice people.» SOT, Donal Trump... Еще impersonator (English): «Well, I want to go to the Russia House. I want to thank somebody for the election. I don't know how they did it but I want to thank somebody over there.» SOT, Kim Jong-un impersonator (English): «Exactly. So just lift the sanctions and get on with life.» SOT, Donald Trump impersonator (English): «You sanction, I'll go there. You sanction.» Onlookers were left stunned in Pyeongchang on Friday when it looked like US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un had made a surprise visit for the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games. The two provoked surprise and amazement as they walked around, stopping for beers at the Czech House and trying their hands at hockey along the way. The odd couple initially tried to gain entry to Canada’s hospitality house — to be turned away. The Czech House opened their doors to them, with beer and photos galore. «Trump» (real name: Denis Allen) and «Kim» (real name: Howard) seemed to be the best of pals, although «Trump» still insisted his button was bigger.

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