South Korea: Kenya's first Olympic alpine skier hopes for 'some good races'

Sabrina Wanjiko Simader, Kenyan alpine skier: «Of course, it's cool. On the other side, it has pros and cons. But also yesterday by the opening ceremony it was cool. I carried the flag as the only athlete from Kenya. I was really proud and glad to do this.» Nineteen-year-old alpine skier Sabrina Wanjiku Simader is the first ever Kenyan female athlete to attend the Winter Olympics. This year, she... Еще'll be hitting the slopes as the only representative from her country. On Saturday, Simader told the press in PyeongChang about her hopes for the upcoming races. Sharing her impressions about the opening ceremony, Simader described carrying the flag «as the only athlete from Kenya and I was really proud and glad to this.» She also said that to participate in the Olympic Games in PyeongChang is «like a dream coming true» for her. Speaking about the difficulties she faced on her way to PyeongChang, Simader had to admit that being an alpine skier in Kenya was not easy, since winter sports were not well-known in the country. The young Kenyan skier is renting a flat with her small team in PyeongChang instead of staying in the Olympic village. According to the Olympian, there are no beds in their apartment, so Sabrina has to sleep right on the floor — Korean style. Sabrina Simader was born in Kenya and lived there until the age of three. She grew up in Austria and was trained by her stepfather, who she said that the family had owned a ski lift and took her to the slopes. Simader is the first ever female Kenyan at the Winter Games and only the second for that African nation after cross-country skier Philip Boit, who participated at the 1998, 2002 and 2006 Olympics.

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